Friday, 31 October 2014

Super Last Minute Halloween Outfit Idea - Dead Doll

So this post was meant to be up more than afew days ago (Sorry, I'm the worst!). But if you're in need of a super duper last minute costume, this is an easy one that doesn't take too much effort but still looks like you tried!

Dead Doll Twins - Makeup

Me and my uni housemate Emma went as dead doll twins last year. Of course, you don't have to go as a twins, but we thought it might add a little extra creepiness factor and we had the exact same outfit anyway!

So, for the face:
We used things we had anyway, making this costume really cheap.
Foundation - I'm pretty pale anyway but if you have a foundation lighter than your skin, go for that!

Blusher - a bright colour in prominent circles on the apples of your cheeks

- We used normal eye makeup for the top of our eyes (shadow, liner, lashes), but under the eyes is where you get that creepy doll effect. We originally used a white eyeliner pencil to go over the bottom lashes and extent our eyes. This worked pretty well, but we ended up borrowing some white face paint over the top to make it brighter.
 We then used a normal eyeliner pencil to draw the new lash liner lower than our own and drew some lashes on too. When practicing this look I did use lashes on the bottom of my eyes, but I decided against it in the end. I think the drawn on lashes look creepier. 

Lips: Using any red lipstick, we created the doll-like mouth by only applying it to the centre of the lips and used concealer for the rest of them. Then using an eyeliner, we extended the mouth and added some stitch marks.

Dead Doll Twins - Outfit and Hair

Clothes: We chose this outfit simply because we happened to both have it (hence the twins costume) and we really didn't want to spend much money. So we went for a Topshop skater skirt and a plain black H&M crop top. You can really wear anything for this, although I'd suggest a skirt or dress. If you didn't mind spending the money, you could buy a cheap really girly dress to rip up and add blood to, to add to the horror!
We didn't want to ruin our clothes so didn't add any blood or rips, but we did rip and ladder our tights to add to the 'dead' factor.

Hair: For hair we did the classic two plaits (or braids, if you're from the other side of the atlantic - hey!). We did a lot of backcombing to the top and really messed up the plaits to look more corpse like. Also, we sprayed dry shampoo on the roots. Doing this close to the head and not brushing it out make it look dusty and grey which worked well for the outfit!

To finish the costume off, we borrowed some fake blood from our housemates to add some gore here and there - we were 'dead' dolls after all!

And there you have it - a really, really cheap and easy to do, last-minute halloween costume! If you don't want to spend hours on yours (and let's face it, you've haven't got a few hours to spare now!) and you can't face just sticking some cat ears and whiskers on for another year - try this dead doll costume out instead!

What are you dressing as this Halloween? Do you prefer quick and easy looks, or going all out?

RosieLM xx

Happy Halloween!


  1. Looks lovely , well done.

    My sister went to a party as a doll tonight hehe. xox

  2. Thank you!! I'll check out your blog now xx

  3. Thanks! I've seen quite alot this year too - a popular choice! xx

  4. Haha you did so well! You look brilliant, the makeup is fab. x

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  5. Hehe you look nice. Would love it if you could check out my autumn look book! And maybe follow each other too?

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

  6. Wow, so cool! I really like halloween, but we don't really celebrate it in The Netherlands. It's getting more popular, so I hope I'll be doing a post like this in a year or two. You have a gorgeous blog here, girl! Keep up the good work.

    X Lucy ~ Breakaway Beauty

  7. Thank you! Yeah sure, I'll check it out now - love look books! xx

  8. Thank you so much! It's definitely got bigger here over the years, but not to the US level haha. It's so much fun to play with all the makeup though, love an excuse to dress up! xx

  9. Such a cool costume, looks really great!

  10. Great makeup look! :)

  11. Love the idea of the doll costume! Looks so fun and the twin idea is even better!


  12. Thanks! We thought we'd make the most of accidentally buying the same outfit haha! x


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