Thursday, 13 February 2014

Rosie Reviews: Benefit's creaseless cream shadow - 'Skinny Jeans'

So hey... It's been a while. Sorry about that. But I'm baaaaack!
Exams have passed, and sandwiched between them, also my 21st birthday - BOO! But, I did manage to get some lovely presents!

One of which was a old favourite of mine, benefit's creaseless cream shadow. I've always loved 'birthday suit', a natural, everyday kind of colour. Skinny Jeans is a much darker, taupe brown with champagne shimmer throughout.

The beauty of these eyeshadows are the versatility of their wear. A very small amount put on with your finger creates a subtle smokey eye, which I think is suitable for everyday makeup. However, with more applied it creates a lovely darker look for a night out, and the shimmer is really easily picked up by the light, which is great. Because lets face it, when is shimmer ever a bad thing? The eye shadow also lives up to its name, I've found minimal creasing even without a primer (and this was on a night out with lots of dancing!)

This is the first shadow I've had since the new packaging (it was the black lid with birds on before), and I've got to say, I'm a big fan! I definitely found that with the old packaging, it got quite hard to reach the very last bits of the product due to the depth of the pot. Annoying for a shadow that's putting you back £15.50! However, by the looks of it, this pot is wider and shallower, which should hopefully solve this problem! 

Top - L: no flash R: with flash
Bottom - L: no flash R: with flash 

Now, the price. £15.50 is very expensive for an eyeshadow, and although it is an amazing eyeshadow I'm sure that there are other high street brands which are just as (but probably not quite as) good. Saying that, I probably am going to repurchase, but probably only when my student loan has just come in. But, if you've got no problems spending £15, then go for it!

Rosie x

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