Friday, 28 February 2014

Rosie Reviews: £1.61 Map Watch

If someone told me I could buy a lovely looking, and more importantly, fully functioning watch for £1.61 I would have laughed in their face. Well, £1.61 later, boy was I wrong. 

During one of my many hourly tumblr breaks I had come across the nicest watch. With a brown leather strap and a map as the face of the watch. Now, with most nice things I see on tumblr, I figured it was expensive, not available in England and not easy to get hold of. So, I simply reblogged (as you do) and moved on.

Fast forward a few weeks and I stumbled upon a blogpost on the exact same watch with an eBay link. The same watch at with an incredible £1.61 price tag. Of course, I wasn't expecting much for such little money but I though I might as well see.
The £1.61 included shipping from China and although estimated deliver said from the 13th to 31st of March I got it through the post today (ordered on the 16th of Feb). The watch is perfect condition with a working battery included, looks exactly like it did online and I can't fault it at all. 
The only thing is that it was a little big on the tightest hole but it was easy to punch another one in with some nail scissors. 
Go grab yourself a bargain! 

ebay link:

You can choose from a black, white, coffee or leopard print strap. I played it safe with coffee, but I like the brown and gold together.

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