Thursday, 10 April 2014

Aspirin masks - a miracle cure for acne?

**Please ignore the fact that I've been MIA for what feels like years - dissertation's been rudely taking over my life!!**

After googling and googling quick tips to get rid of pesky spots overnight. I keep stumbling upon the aspirin mask as a miracle cure. After a bit more research, it seems like it could be true! Aspirin contains anti-inflammatories as well as salicylic acid, two properties found in the majority of acne treatments. With the same ingredients, aspirin seems like the obvious, and FAR cheaper way to go, no?

A lot of the reviews I've seen also include honey in the mask - another apparent miracle worker for all things skin. It seems I'm going to have to have a rummage in the medicine cabinet and give this one a go!

Has anyone ever tried this? Did you see results quickly? I've got two parties to go to this weekend! 

Rosie x

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