Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hi there!

I thought about missing out the obligatory first introductory post, and instead, just jumping straight in. But what's a blog without the first awkward hello?!
So, hey! I'm Rosie, a 20 year old student, who like many others before me has come to the decision to start a blog!
I know, I know, starting a blog at the start of the new year isn't the most original of ideas, but apparently January brings around a 'push' for people to pursue lingering ideas that the other months just don't bring to the table.
It has nothing to do with me not wanting to revise for my final year exams coming up!

With an obsession with makeup and all things beauty, I had originally intended this blog to be exclusively beauty (with the apt and genius alliterative title 'RosieReviews'). Sadly, with the budget that comes along with being a student, I didn't think I would have the funds to go around buying all the brand new makeup that comes out to put out enough posts. Believe me, I wish I could! Instead, I've left my witty blog name for a slightly vaguer one with the means of being able to blog more widely.

Oh god, this is already getting long and rambley and I'm starting to make my own words up. So I think i'll finish this here, publish it, and stare at the laptop deciding whether or not to delete the whole thing! *Monkey with hands over mouth emoji*



  1. I hope you're going to enjoy blogging :)
    very happy new year to you too x

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! I wish you all the best with starting your blog! :) Happy New Year! x


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