Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Where's my makeup?

Anyone who loves shopping knows why December is an exciting time. No, it's not Christmas eve, or even Christmas day itself - but the exciting Boxing Day sales which let us buy all the presents for ourselves we spotted when doing our Christmas shopping for others.

I picked up a few bargins here and there (Shall I do a haul post?) but my post exciting purchase was from the Benefit website! You don't find many sales for makeup since they never really go out of season, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that their Christmas sets were marked down! So on boxing day I ordered the 'Groovy kinda love' set (I LOVE benefit's names!!)

What you get with 'Groovy Kinda Love', don't you love the packaging too?

As I set up the payment and shipping I realised the estimated delivery date was 1/1 to 3/1 - SO good for around this time of year and put in my home address. Each day passed and I eagerly awaited the postman to deliver the goods. New Years day passed, and the 3rd and the 6th and still no new makeup for Rosie. It so happens that today I got an email saying it had shipped and will arrive in 3-5 days. It also happens to be the day I go back to uni- sans makeup. So now I have to wait for the set to get delivered home, then beg my parents to send it on to me here at uni AND ITS JUST SO LONG.

I know postage around this time of year is always late (and understandably!) but if I knew the makeup wouldn't be sent until now, I would have got it delivered to uni! Come on Benefit, why do you tease me with wrong delivery dates!?

Saying that, I can't wait for the set to arrive and I'm hoping the wait will just get me more excited!
Rosie, x

p.s image from benefit.com
p.p.s Do you want a review when it finally does arrive?

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