Sunday, 5 January 2014

So, resolutions?

So, it's that time of year again where we make promises to ourselves to make this year better than the last. And I'm no different, so here are my New Year Resolutions for 2014. I'm hoping that having them typed up for all to see will remind me to stick to them as I am one of those, like many, whose resolutions are lost by February!

Read More!
I've always loved to read, but at uni I find it hard to find the time. Not that I'm doing work all the time, but that my free time is normally spent watching TV or losing hours to to Tumblr (am I right? side resolution: less time on tumblr!) It seems the only time I read now is when on holiday, where I can read books on books on books in a week.

I've also decided to read more classic books, some of the 'greats' that you're meant to read. So to help me along, I've bought two Ernest Hemmingway books. After a bit of googling research I decided on 'A Farewell to Arms'(A level English Lit's left me with a familiarity for WW1 literature) and 'Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises' which apparently has similar themes to The Great Gatsby which is one of my favourite books.
So hopefully, I'll get through those without them gathering dust on my shelf and I'll be able to say I've read some Hemmingway!

Get Squatting!
My second is to FINALLY complete the 30 day squat challenge. I've attempted this so many times and I always start with such determination which fizzles out by day 15. I'm hoping that the New Year will provide me with the willpower to power through to the end! And I mean, you've got to have a health related one, right?

Plan my Life?
Not meaning to sound to deep but with graduation looming around the corner, I've come to the realisation that I have no idea what I am going to do after I leave Uni and enter the scary world of being a proper grown up! So, I've promised myself that I'll start looking for jobs/internships/travelling options for next year. Or at least decide which I want to do!

Get Naked?
Not really bettering myself in anyway, but I've always wanted but never actually owned a Naked Palette. Since the 3rd one has now been released, and after seeing review after review on youtube and blogs, I've decided it's my favourite of the three and I really, really, really want need it. I'll disguise the slightly painful £37 price tag as wanting to spend longer looking after 'me'? hahahaha.

Oh, and start a blog (hello!)
So, there we have it, my resolutions for 2014. Let's see if I can come back to this post this time next year and see if I've stuck to them!

Rosie x

p.s. not sure how copyright goes in terms of photos - Naked Palette photo from and squatting challenge photo found on

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